How do I update my theme?

Periodical updates to this theme requires some updates on your behalf. To make the process smoother, we have included on the list of required plugins the Envato Toolkit plugin. This plugin automatically checks for updates to the purchased theme and allows automatic one click updates to the theme.

To set this plugin up correctly, after installation and activation you need to enter your Envato Username and an API Key that can be obtained from your Envato profile settings. Look for API Keys in the My Settings sidebar, and if you don;'t already have an API key, generate one.

Once you have inserted your username and API key, you will get an onscreen notification if the theme have an update available, and you can easily update the theme with a single click.

Updating Manually

Updating manually: You can also update the theme manually by downloading the theme again from ThemeForest. The version that you download from ThemeForest will always be the latest version. Once the theme is downloaded switch to another theme (e.g. the default WordPress theme) then delete the theme. Once deleted simply reinstall the updated version of the theme and activate it.

Plugins: The theme plugins are not updated automatically when updating the theme. If updated versions of the bundled plugins are available you should see a prompt at the top of your screen - just follow the on-screen instructions to update your plugins.