1. Installation Service

2. How do I translate the theme?

3. Can I Get A Refund?

4. When I try to insert an image nothing happens - I get a blank image / URL?

5. How do I update my theme?

6. How do I activate auto updates for the Revolution Slider?

7. Instagram sections do not return any photos when choosing photos by hastag.

8. ​How do I change my upload size?

1. Installation Service

We at Theme Canon offer our own installation service. If you have just purchased our theme and have a working installation of WordPress already set up on your server then our installation service may be just what you need to get up and running fast. We will visit your site and install the theme and plugins as well as set up your site to look exactly like one of our demo sites. This is a great starting point for you to start adding your own content and customizations.

Getting Started in 2 Simple Steps

To get started using our installation service please follow these steps:

  1. Open a support ticket at our Ticksy support forum:
  2. Transfer service payment $50 (USD) to our PayPal account: Make Payment Here

Make sure your support ticket contains the following information.

Installation Service Includes

Does Not Include


Our services are given on an ‘as is’ basis and without warranties, either express or implied. We do not promise that the content or the access to your site will be uninterrupted or error-free, that any defects will be corrected, or that your site or content are free of viruses or any other harmful components. We are not liable to you for any loss claimed or incurred by you or others as a result of our services. You are solely responsible for your site content so we strongly recommend you backup existing content if any. If you have 3rd party plugins running on your WordPress installation please be aware that we will turn these off before beginning the installation process.

Note: Please notice that the Theme Canon installation service is not the same as the optional installation service offered as part of the check-out process. The optional installation service offered in the check-out process will refer you to an external freelancer. We recommend considering our in-house installation service as we are already familiar with the theme.

2. How do I translate the theme?

As an example let us say you are using the MyTheme theme from Theme Canon. Replace the MyTheme name with the name of your own theme in this following guide.

To translate the theme (or change specific words) you have to edit the language .po file (located in mytheme/lang folder).

We suggest you use the free editor POEdit:

Remember that your translated language file must be saved with the correct name for your specific country. The syntax of the name must be languagecode_COUNTRYCODE.po. So for Denmark this would be


You can find your language-code here:
And your COUNTYCODE here:

Also remember to translate the theme plugins. The .po file for each plugin can be found in the plugin /lang folder.

It is important that you name your plugin .po file correctly. So for a danish translation of the MyTheme Core Plugin the .po file should be named


Once you have translated the .po file (or portions of it) you must tell WordPress to use your new translation.

Go to WordPress Settings > General > Site Language and select your language.

More info on translating WordPress can be found here:

3. Can I Get A Refund?

We follow the Envato Refund Policy:

A refund can be given for the following reasons:

The following are NOT valid reasons for a refund:

For more information on refunds and the Envato Refund Policy please visit these links.

Can I Get A Refund?
Market Refund Rules

4. When I try to insert an image nothing happens - I get a blank image / URL?

When you select your image. Right before you click the "Use this image" button (or similar) to insert the image please check the "Link URL" box to see that this actually contains a URL. If it does not - click the "File URL" button right underneath the input to automatically insert the file URL. Now you can go ahead and click the "Use this image" button.

If the Link URL input does not contain a link by default and you want to change this - here is how:

- Access the WordPress settings by going to this URL on your site:

- In the list of options find the option "image_default_link_type" change this from "none" to "file" and save options.

5. How do I update my theme?

Periodical updates to this theme requires some updates on your behalf. To make the process smoother, we have included on the list of required plugins the Envato Toolkit plugin. This plugin automatically checks for updates to the purchased theme and allows automatic one click updates to the theme.

To set this plugin up correctly, after installation and activation you need to enter your Envato Username and an API Key that can be obtained from your Envato profile settings. Look for API Keys in the My Settings sidebar, and if you don;'t already have an API key, generate one.

Once you have inserted your username and API key, you will get an onscreen notification if the theme have an update available, and you can easily update the theme with a single click.

Updating Manually

Updating manually: You can also update the theme manually by downloading the theme again from ThemeForest. The version that you download from ThemeForest will always be the latest version. Once the theme is downloaded switch to another theme (e.g. the default WordPress theme) then delete the theme. Once deleted simply reinstall the updated version of the theme and activate it.

Plugins: The theme plugins are not updated automatically when updating the theme. If updated versions of the bundled plugins are available you should see a prompt at the top of your screen - just follow the on-screen instructions to update your plugins.

6. How do I activate auto updates for the Revolution Slider?

When you buy our theme you also receive a free (fully featured) bundled version of the Revolution Slider plugin. Please be aware that the free bundled version may not always be the latest version of the plugin.

We update the bundled version regularly but not necessarily at the same time or every time a new version is released as we need time to test the updated plugin with our theme to ensure optimal compatibility. This is the only limitation of the free plugin that comes bundled with our theme. If you want to activate automatic updates for the Revolution Slider plugin or you urgently need the latest version of the plugin you will have to buy a regular license for the Revolution Slider plugin.

7. Instagram sections do not return any photos when choosing photos by hastag.

As of Nov 17, 2015 Instagram introduced Sandbox mode. When you authenticate your site with Instagram you create a client (your site) and authorize this client to communicate with Instagram on your behalf. This client is automatically put in Sandbox mode - which is kind of a testing environment. In this testing environment your client only has access to photos that you or your sandbox users have posted on Instagram - but you do not have access to the general archive of Instagram photos. This does not have any effect when you are displaying your latest Instagram photos - but when you display photos by a certain tag you should be aware that only images added by you or your sandbox users with that particular tag will be displayed - not photos with that same tag from the general Instagram archive. This could mean that you will get a very limited amount of photos to display (sometimes none). To increase the number of available photos you should either add more sandbox users or switch your client from Sandbox mode to live mode. For more information visit this link:

8. ​How do I change my upload size?

Your upload size determines how large the files you upload to WordPress can be. 

If your upload size is not large enough some bigger files like video files, big image files, big import files (like Revolution Slider import files) etc. will not be able to upload correctly.

You can check your upload size by going to WP Admin > Media > Add New - and in the Drop files box it will tell you the "Maximum upload file size".

We recommend that you set this to 32MB or more.

To change the upload size you will need access to your server PHP.ini file.

In the PHP.ini file change the following parameters

post_max_size = 32M
upload_max_filesize = 32M

Save file and restart server.

If you do not have access to your server PHP.ini you will need to contact the people responsible for your server and kindly ask them to increase the upload size for you.

How do I change my memory size?

A related issue is the problem regarding exhausted memory size.

If you get an error message like this:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of XXXXXXX bytes exhausted

your server does not have sufficient memoy allocated to handle WordPress operations.

Please have a look at this support thread on for possible solutions.