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    NETDe started the conversation


    I am currently using the Football theme, but the pages aren't showing up online, whenever I click on a link on my site it pulls up a 404 error. I know the pages are there in the backend and are all published.

    I just published a test page and am still getting a 404 error.

    Please help


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    Hina replied


    Please post admin login details so I can look into this issue for you, it’s secure.

    Please MARK Private when sending  us login details


    Best Regards,
    Hina S.
    Theme-Canon Support

  •   NETDe replied privately
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    Michael replied

    Hi Sam,

    there seems to be a problem with permalinks on your site. 

    I have set the permalinks to "plain" and now links are working. However changing to any other type of permalink will result in 404 error. 

    This error is not related to our theme as even changing to one of the default WordPress themes does not fix the issue.

    I suggest

    1) First turn off ALL your non-theme plugins to see if any of these is the cause of your issue.

    2) If this does not fix your issue you need to contact the people responsible for your server setup and let them know that permalinks are not working.