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404 error when making changes to site posts, pages, and settings


  • thelaughadmin started the conversation

    We have been using the VenueX theme for a while now, and after an initial QuForm plugin setting issue was resolved at the start, the theme has worked perfectly. For some reason, we are running into a 404 page error now when we try to create or make changes to posts, pages, page builder elements, and the "Header and Footer" settings in the "VenueX Settings" tab. We have tried restoring from a previous backup, but we may not be able to go far enough back as we can't seem to resolve the problem. The posts and pages are able to be updated and saved when the "VenueX Core Plugin" is disabled, so we're thinking it may be an issue with that, but we're not sure why it would start acting up now. We are running version 4.5.2 of Wordpress and I believe the latest version of the VenueX theme. I hope you are able to help us out with this issue.

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    Hina replied


    It seems to me a conflict with another plugin. Try disabling your other plugins and that should help to identify the source of the conflict.

    Try the steps in the following , and then let us know the results of your tests?  

    1. Identify if a conflict exists

    1. Disable all non- theme plugins
    2.  Test the Issue

    2. If Issue Fixed, after following the steps above, it means there's an incompatibility somewhere.

    3. Identify where the conflict is coming from.

    1. Reactivate a single plugin
    2. Test the Issue
    3. If the Issue starts again, you’ve identified the source of the conflict
    4. repeat steps #1-2 until you’ve reactivated all other plugins. 


    Best Regards,
    Hina S.
    Theme-Canon Support

  • thelaughadmin replied

    I've disabled all non-theme plugins and the problem wasn't fixed. I then disabled all plugins, including the theme plugins and it's still bringing me to a 404 page when I create or save posts and pages. Anything else you suggest trying?

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    Michael replied

    Hi, sometimes for no apparent reason WordPress gets confused over permalinks. This will result in a lot of 404 pages. This could be the issue you are describing. 

    To fix this issue simply reset your permalinks:

    Go to settings > permalinks and select standard. Reload the pages of your site using the standard permalinks

    Then go back to settings > permalinks and select pretty permalinks / Post name and reload the pages of your site.

    Let us know if this fixes your issue