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    Hina replied


    Apparently, It seems to me a conflict with another plugin. Try disabling your other plugins and that should help to identify the source of the conflict.

    Try the steps in the following , and then let us know the results of your tests?  

    1. Identify if a conflict exists

    1. Disable all non- theme plugins
    2.  Test the Issue

    2. If Issue Fixed, after following the steps above, it means there's an incompatibility somewhere.

    3. Identify where the conflict is coming from.

    1. Reactivate a single plugin
    2. Test the Issue
    3. If the Issue starts again, you’ve identified the source of the conflict
    4. repeat steps #1-2 until you’ve reactivated all other plugins. 


    Best Regards,
    Hina S.
    Theme-Canon Support