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Finding an Element/How to Install It


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    Hi. I am greatly benefiting from the Booker theme in creating my website. I have what is probably a stupid question, since my Wordpress skill level and experience is pretty low. On the sample web page http://themecanon.net/?theme=Booker there is a section called "What you'll learn" and it has a list of 8 items below it, with the numbering of each in a black circle. I've looked everywhere but I can't find or figure out how to get that numbering element into my website. Can you help? I am attaching a screen clipping of that section that I want to use myself. Thanks.

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    Hina replied


    Thanks for writing us.

    The block you are looking is made up with Visual Composer Text Block, you can add Text Block from visual composer and then you can add text content with list in editor:


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