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  • linearcreative started the conversation

    Why is the blog image the entire width of the post and takes up the entire page because of that?

    How do I make blog image fit the same width as the text in the column? I want it to be the same as it is on every other page, ie: http://wagnalls.linear-project01.com/support/members-of-wagnalls/

  • linearcreative replied

    Also, where is the title of my post? Its not on the page?

  • linearcreative replied

    ok, I deleted the section here: 


     that made the image go across the entire page - so now I just need the blog/post title to appear

  • linearcreative replied

    Ive manually added the titles but I would think their is a way to have them their automatically?

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    Hina replied


    you can try set options for post under Venue Posts settings options at:


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    Hina S.
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