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Background Color for Single Page


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    mbanchik started the conversation


    How do I change the background color for a specific page or set of pages? I need the HOME page to have a black background, but the content pages such as: http://eigenbio.ffbuzz.com/about-eigenbio/ to have a lighter color background or even an image background.

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    Hina replied


    Would you like to change Header Background or content body background?

    If header background so it can be changed from following settings:

    for body background:

    and for content background:

    so now coming to your question, as if suppose you would like to have different content background for homepage and other pages so best way is to set  a content background for all pages under settings e.g:

    and to change background for homepage, you can add css e.g:

    .home .outter-wrapper{
        background-color: #ffffff !important; 

    Css can be added Trades Settings - > Advanced > Final Call CSS:


    Best Regards,
    Hina S.
    Theme-Canon Support