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    mbanchik started the conversation

    Hello. I need more help (again). Thank you for the help you have given me thus far. When you access this page: http://eigenbio.ffbuzz.com/applications/ the first toggle item is active. Is there a way that can be set so that all toggle paragraphs are closed instead of the first one being active? Thank you!

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    Hina replied


    Yes, you can edit shortcode parameter active to no  for all e.g:

    [toggle title="title1" active="no"]CONTENT1[/toggle]
    [toggle title="title2" active="no"]CONTENT2[/toggle]
    [toggle title="title3" active="no"]CONTENT3[/toggle]


    Best Regards,
    Hina S.
    Theme-Canon Support

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    mbanchik replied

    Sorry, I don't know where to add the shortcode? I have the toggle within a widget on this page: http://eigenbio.ffbuzz.com/applications/

    When I open the "Trades: Toggle" I don't see a place to add the shortcode. I can add a title and the text under the title, but no shortcode.

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    mbanchik replied

    Ah, I see now. I was adding the toggle as a widget, but I could have added it as shortcode right in the page editor. I'll remove the widget and just add the toggle right into the page. 

    Thank you!