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Countdown Settings/Modification


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    Ryan started the conversation

    Hi, I'm building a site and would like to know how to modify the Countdown Settings in your theme. 

    Currently, it says "Next Match: 2569 Days 15 Hours 7 Minutes 40 Seconds" and counting. However, I'd like to change the wording to "Next Trip".

    Also, how does it know when the next event is? I have an event next month and it the amount of days is incorrect.

    I am using the Event Calendar plugin.


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    Michael replied

    Hi Ryan,

    if you go to Sport Settings > Header & Footer > Countdown - you  will see the controls governing the countdown including the description field which you can change to "Next trip". This is also the place where you tell the countdown what date/time to count down to - so this has to be set manually. Make sure you read the contextual help for more information (click the question mark icon by the settings).